One year into COVID — and I am sick and tired of judging others, and of being judged, by our respective degrees of COVID-conscientiousness.

We have all lived with COVID for about a year now. The pandemic has flowed, ebbed, flowed, ebbed . . . and who knows what it will do over the coming months. The new combination of vaccines, variants, changing temperatures, and changing behaviors, makes it nearly impossible to predict what the next year will look like.

But one thing the pandemic has fostered, and which seems to be taking root more deeply than ever, is a…

1 Month Into Quarantine: Things I’ve Learned I Can, and Cannot, Do Without

It is one month into our coronavirus stay-at-home experience. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband, and we have three boys, ages 2, 5, and almost 7. Our fabulous nanny has thus far stayed with us since Governor Wolf closed the schools, which has been a God-send. That is our coronavirus “quarantine” unit. I am continuing to work from home, full time. My husband owns a small business, and he faces an impossible set of decisions and issues to manage each and every day.

At one of Hillary Clinton’s very first campaign stops in New Hampshire, she spoke to a retired doctor. He told her his biggest worry for the state wasn’t the economy or terrorism — it was the growing epidemic of drug addiction.

In place after place across this country, Hillary has heard similar fears and similar stories — about how addiction to drugs and alcohol, and particularly to opioids, is creeping into their families, their schools, and their communities. She’s heard stories from parents about overdoses that tragically ended the lives of their children. She’s met people who are struggling with…

Sara Solow

hillary for america

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